A place to think

Chaos is an anonymous communication tool that matches people up to have public conversations. A place we’re we can ideate, problem solve, and think together.
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Chaos is a public square designed around ideas, not identity.

What makes Chaos different

We’re building a marketplace of ideas that promotes rational, logical, and collaborative thinking.
  • Anonymous

    Every post is anonymous, so you can’t destroy an idea by destroying the creator.
  • Verified Accounts

    Verify your account to increase your distribution. Our goal is one account for one person.
  • Follow ideas, not people

    Follow ideas to stay updated as the community builds on and evolves them.
  • Trust & Accountability

    Everything from moderation to our algorithm will be transparent so you can hold us accountable.
  • Constructive Conversations

    If you attack or defame an individual you’ll be suspended. Chaos is a tool, not a weapon.

Tag your favorite brands to get their attention

Do you have ideas that could help your favorites brands do better? Chaos provides you a platform to share those ideas and get rewarded.
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Our mission it to unlock the power of collective intelligence.
Runs on Unicorn Platform