A new type of network

published on 12 June 2022

Humans have been building networks since we evolved and we’ve always built them around the same thing, a person.  Each person acts as a node and is connected to other people (nodes) they know or are interested in.  

Chaos is different.  On Chaos ideas are nodes and every node is accessible to every person. You can tap into any node, have a conversation with everyone else that’s tapped in, and swipe to switch to the next node.


All conversations are public and anonymous and everyone’s ideas compete on a level playing field.  Each person is scored based on how constructively they contribute and these scores dictate distribution and access.  This means that the only way to gain influence on the network is to contribute constructively.

We’re calling it an intelligence network and we believe this new architecture and incentive structure will increase the speed at which ideas can be exchanged and by doing so accelerate the pace of innovation across most sectors.

The private beta is launching in 3 weeks >> Join here

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